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7 critical mistakes to avoid in your enterprise A/B testing program

Learn how to avoid the crucial blunders which threaten the effectiveness of optimisation for enterprise teams

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  1. The crisis of optimisation

    If academic research science is having a crisis of integrity, then what can we expect from the closed door world of corporate A/B testing?

  2. Illustration of website optimisation

    You probably don’t need A/B testing

    The best way to optimise your website is usually the simplest.

  3. Why I won't be switching my email to HEY

    I tried out Basecamp's reimagined take on email for 14 days and, as much as I wanted to love it, I need to keep searching for an alternative to Gmail.

  4. Example of how PIE scoring works

    PIE prioritisation method

    Take a handful of guesstimates and then get the average. Surely there's a better way to prioritise your A/B testing program? I used to think so too.

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