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Tune up your analytics implementation to ensure that your data is reliable, relevant and actionable

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The bad news is that your analytics are almost certainly broken. The good news is that pretty much everyone else's are too.

I've encountered hundreds of analytics implementations over the years. Almost without exception, they have been incomplete, inaccurate or otherwise half-baked.

Why? It's normally due to a lack of planning.

Most businesses end up with Google Analytics by default. When they build their website, a developer slaps on the out-of-the-box GA tag. And that's that! Someone might add some custom tracking from time to time. But it's likely never removed and almost certainly never tested. The whole thing then slowly decays into a state of semi-functional chaos.

As a result, so many businesses can't trust their data. They end end up kludging together strategic decisions based on gut feel without the benefit of the real numbers.

How I can help

Measurement strategy

A concise measurement strategy is key to a powerful analytics implementation. Together, we'll devise a plan to ensure that your analytics is ennabling data driven decision-making and investment.

Tracking and tagging

Unify your measurement across marketing platforms to give you a clear view of your customer journey from start to finish.

Analytics audits

A comprehensive tracking and tagging audit will discover all the potential issues with your current tracking setup.

Data analysis & insights

Make sense of your data, answer business questions and identify opportunities for improvement.

GA4 migration

Migrating across to GA4 is a great way to start fresh and ensure that you're collecting the right data and have time to learn the interface and its quirks before the hard shutdown of UA.

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