Oliver Palmer

Growth sprint

This intensive 30-day growth sprint reveals hidden opportunities, exposes critical weaknesses and pinpoints the most impactful growth levers within your eCommerce business. Stop guessing, start growing.


30 days

Typical cost


✨ Insights guaranteed (or your money back)

If we don't uncover transformative insights that push your business forward, I'll refund you and pay you $1,000 extra for your trouble. I'm not happy unless you’re happy.

How it works

The process starts with a 1.5 hour long structured interview in which I ask a series of questions to help us to deeply understand your business and your unique challenges.

I then ask you to grant me read only access to all your relevant data platforms. Your analytics platform, Google Ads, Facebook, eCommerce software, ERP reporting, whatever you've got.

The inputs into each report vary but typically include the following:

  • Analytics probe

    Your analytics are broken. I know this because everyone's analytics are broken. I'll map customer journeys, highlighting blockages in your conversion paths as well as identifying broken tags, inaccurate tracking, and transaction discrepancies.

  • Paid traffic audit

    Through a meticulous analysis of your paid media data we'll seek to discover wasted spend, ineffective tracking and identify opportunities to scale.

  • SEO review

    A detailed review of on-site targeting, technical set-up and keyword research will help us to understand how organic fits into your traffic acquisition strategy.

  • Competitor analysis

    Uncover who your competitors are (it’s rarely who you think!), identify tactics to replicate their successes and exploit their weaknesses to give you a clear competitive edge.

  • Usability research

    Our 'secret' weapon. I will conduct a series of research designs with a representative panel of real users to find the hidden pain points that are dampening conversion.

What you get

At the end of the process, you get a highly detailed, plain language report in PDF form (I will also present to you over Zoom) which outlines an growth strategy for your eCommerce business.

These recommendations are based on data analysis and qualitative research, never on intuition, opinion, or ‘best practice’.

While I trawl through every possible data source, I'm not going to bore you to tears with a checklist of what I did to get there. Instead, I'll package up all the most compelling insights into a direct and punchy presentation which demonstrates exactly what's holding back your eCommerce busienss and outlines data backed strategies to unlock your next phase of growth.

📄 View a sample report

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Why you need this

  • Grow traffic

    Identify untapped traffic sources, optimise your existing sources, and develop strategies for sustainable growth.

  • Increase conversion rates

    The vast majority of your website visitors don't purchase. We find out why and address them through research, design, and data.

  • Grow customer retention

    Increase spend and frequency through a better understanding of proposition, behaviour and customer journey.

  • Optimise marketing spend

    Identify the best levers and allocate your marketing budget, effort, and attention to areas with the highest ROI.

  • Trust your data

    Clean your data at the source. Implement proper tracking, audit your data collection, and make more informed decisions.

  • Find and fix expensive mistakes

    Optimise your ad campaigns, streamline your sales funnel, identify wasteful and ensure your efforts are efficient and effective.

Selected clients

Over the years, I've undertaken Growth Sprints for clients like Kmart, Industrie, Tony Bianco, Oscar Wylee, ELEVEN Australia and dozens more.

Who should do this?

Growth sprint clients are typically at an inflection point in their business and are actively seeking growth opportunities. Beyond this, I'd suggest that you're a good candidate if any of the following apply to you:

  • You don't trust your analytics
  • You're thinking about re-platforming
  • You aren't sure if you're getting good value from your agencies
  • You spend over $5k/month on paid traffic
  • You're planning to expand into a new territory

Ready to get started?

The first step is to book a meeting to help me learn more about your business and to help us understand if there's an opportunity to do good work together.

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