Oliver Palmer

CRO program review

Not getting the results out of CRO you were hoping for? Let's work together to build a better optimisation program.

Almost every large business is facing pressure to get better at MarTech.

Everywhere you look, you’ll find case studies of your peers and competitors doing clever things with A/B testing, segmentation, personalisation and worse.

Yet despite investing in personnel and infrastructure and technology, do you have a nagging feeling that your team is spinning its wheels?

I work with organisations to demystify experimentation and the MarTech stack and better understand how to integrate with the bigger organisational picture. I can help clarify the roles and responsibilities of each platform and offer advice on gaps in technology, capability or resources to enable your shift to the next level of data driven personalisation.

Client profile

My typical client is an eCommerce or financial services businesses with online revenues exceeding $20m a year and >$50k in monthly PPC spend.

They typically either have an existing in-house optimisation program, want to scale up and integrate optimisation after working with an agency or, occasionally, start entirely from scratch.

I can help you to...

Build your optimisation or personalisation program

If you're starting from scratch (or off the back of an agency managed program), we'll ensure that you have the foundations set up for success.

Scale an existing program

Have you invested in optimisation but aren't getting the results you were hoping for? I will help you to identify the problems and then systematically guide things back on track, then start scaling and kicking up a level.

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