Oliver Palmer

Conversion rate optimisation audit

Draw back the curtain on your data to find the biggest levers to pull to grow your eCommerce business

The mandatory starting point for all new clients. Starting our journey together here ensures that your site has a comprehensive and accurate measurement foundation for optimisation.

This conversion audit is a comprehensive review of your customer journey to help you identify the greatest opportunities to boost conversion rates and grow your revenue.

How it works

  1. One hour interview
    Structured interview in which I'll ask a series of questions to help me to learn more about your business, your schemes, dreams and aspirations
  2. Analytics access
    Grant me access to your analytics, ads platforms and any other relevant data sources. I'll sign an NDA to ensure the confidentiality of your data.
  3. Delivery
    Two to three weeks later, I'll deliver my findings over Zoom (or similar) as well a detailed PDF report with findings and prioritised recomendations

What's included in a conversion audit?

While the deliverables vary from engagement to engagement, they frequently encompass the following:

The result is a growth blueprint with a prioritised series of actionable recommendations that will ramp up conversion, traffic and AOV.

Who is this for?

This audit works best for sites that generate at least $1m in annual revenue and attract 50k website visitors per month or more.

Clients typically engage the audit for these reasons:

  • Identify growth levers and investment opportunities

    • Stop wasting money on things that don't work and reallocate capital to the initiatives that will drive the greatest growth and highest ROI
  • Get a fresh, expert perspective on performance and potential

    • An external perspective can provide insights that may be difficult to see from within your organisation.
    • As the saying goes, you can't read the label if you're inside the jar.
  • Establish the foundation for a redesign or replatforming

    • Before you build a new site, it's critical that you understand what's working (and what's not) on your existing site.

Ready to discuss further?

Schedule a time for an introductory call to talk about your business, your conversion challenges and how I might be able to help.