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With 10+ years of experience, I'm an advisor and consultant for eCommerce leaders seeking clarity on their growth strategy

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I ran my first A/B test back in 2008 while contracting to a London law firm. They were spending upwards of £100 per click on PPC to recruit plaintiffs in class action suits for people with Mesothelioma (that's asbestos cancer to you and me).

Google Website Optimizer was a new thing and, with some curiosity, I discovered with a handful of experiments and a few false starts, I was able to halve their cost of 'customer' acquisition. That same £100 click was now getting them twice the number of conversions as before.

I was hooked.

Over the next few years, I worked in various eCommerce roles from doing site merchandising at Amazon to managing the online arm of a cult magazine retailer in Melbourne. I kept learning about A/B testing and analytics and optimisation and launched lots of experiments and made all the classic mistakes along the way.

In 2013, I was hired by Britain's first 4G telco to build an internal Optimisation team. Not only did I have to run experiments, I also had to navigate the cultural and evangelical hurdles of building buy-in and acceptance and creating a culture of optimisation.

I subsequently began working with The Telegraph (one of the oldest broadsheet newspapers in the UK) where I was charged with building out an optimisation function. Beyond optimising for subscriptions and increasing advertising revenue, I worked at empowering and evangelising to the various business units to use experimentation to their competitive advantage.

We tested the impact of the masthead's new typeface (it didn't have any impact), experimenting with deliberately slowing down the site to measure the impact of AdTech bloat and helped the travel team find the most profitable affiliate partners for hotel bookings.


I work with eCommerce businesses to help them to grow their conversion rates with data driven research and experimentation.

Clients include Kmart Australia, JB HiFI, Nissan and Australian Super.

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I occasionally make guest appearances on podcasts talking about eCommerce optimisation, A/B testing, analytics and other related guff.

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