Oliver Palmer

Strategic growth blueprint

Draw back the curtain on your data to find the biggest levers to pull to grow your eCommerce business

Managing an eCommerce site isn't easy. Between iOS 14.5 armageddon and stock availability turbulence, you have a zillion other priorities to juggle. Managing ad spend, grappling with attribution, maybe thinking about re-platforming or running Tik Tok ads or how to scale your email campaigns.

With so much going on, it's easy to lose perspective.

As they say, you can't read the label if you're inside the jar. Let me give you the perspective to see what's working on your website and (more importantly) what's not.

Why do this...

  • Identify growth levers

    Stop wasting money on things that don't work and reallocate capital to the initiatives that will drive the greatest growth and highest ROI

  • Find conversion blockers

    Find and fix the problems that are dragging down site revenue

  • Data not opinion

    All of my recommendations are transparently backed by data, not opinion or 'best practice'

  • Money back guarantee

    If I don't discover transformational insights for your business, the audit is yours for free

How it works

This process starts with a 1.5 hour long structured interview.

We'll discuss your processes, your goals, your team, your competitors, what you're doing right now and your aspirations for the future (and plenty more besides).

You then give me access to your analytics and ads platforms (I'm happy to sign an NDA to ensure absolute confidentiality). I'll go away for a couple of weeks, popping up with the occasional question, but mostly I'll be nose deep in your data.

Throughout this process, I'm working to reconcile the picture I've gleaned about your business with what I can find in your analytics data. The results are almost always surprising.

You will learn

While the deliverables vary from engagement to engagement, they often encompass the following:

The result is a growth blueprint with a prioritised series of actionable recommendations that will ramp up conversion, traffic and AOV.

View a sample report?

Would you like to see a copy of an actual, redacted report document that I completed for a client?

Drop me an email, and I'll be happy to share.

Who should do this?

New clients are typically at an inflection point in their business and are actively seeking growth opportunities. Beyond this, I'd suggest that you're a good candidate if any of the following apply to you:

Want to discuss further?

Schedule a time for a no-obligation chat to talk about how I can help.

My work is 100% guaranteed: if I don't uncover transformational insights for your business, the audit is yours for free.