Oliver Palmer

Conversion rate audit

Draw back the curtain on your ads and analytics data to find the biggest levers to pull to grow your eCommerce business

Duration 3-5 weeks
Typical cost $15,000 - $25,000

The mandatory starting place for all new clients, this is a detailed piece of diagnostic detective work aimed at uncovering the biggest strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in your eCommerce business.

As the saying goes, "You can't read the label if you're inside the jar". One of the main benefits I can give you is my outside perspective. Viewing your business with fresh eyes—having also conducted similar analysis on scores of websites across dozens of different verticals over the years—I'm equipped to give you some critical perspective and what's working and, more importantly, what's not.

After undertaking a structured interview with you (and any other relevant stakeholders), I conduct a deep dive into your analytics data to build out a comprehensive, data driven picture of your business and identify both problems and opportunities for growth.

Typical insights

For an optical retailer – Identified structural UX issues in the Checkout flow with significant conversion implications, discovered significant underperforming PPC segments.

For a car manufacturer — Uncovered that majority of PPC traffic was being sent to a faulty campaign page with a 99% bounce rate. Proposed a solution that saved $1.2m/year in wasted media spend, identified candidates for A/B testing which ultimately resulted in a 25% lift in test drive requests.

For a fashion retailer – Identified chronic over investment in Paid Social at the expense of high performing organic channels, ran user research sessions which identified conversion blocking UX issues.


While the deliverables vary between projects, you should expect the result to look something akin to that outlined below:

Who should do this?

New clients are typically at an inflection point in their business and are actively seeking opportunities for growth.

Beyond this, I'd suggest that you're a good candidate if more than one of the following apply to you:

  • You're planning on re-platforming
  • You work with one or more agencies but aren't sure if you're getting good value
  • You spend over $5k/month on paid traffic
  • You're planning to expand into a new territory
  • You don't trust your analytics data

How it works

Schedule a brief introduction via the form below. We'll talk about about your business, discuss your goals and challenges and explore whether or not I can help. If I think I can, I'll provide you with a detailed Statement of Work with objective, process and pricing options.

One hour structured interview (over Zoom or similar) in which I will ask a series of structured questions about your business: history, goals, teams and processes. This is to help give me a deep understanding of the context around your business, how you work and where you want to get to.

Add me to your analytics and ad platforms to gather data and undertake analysis. I will provide an NDA to ensure complete confidentiality of business data.

3-4 weeks later I will come back in three to four weeks with your finished conversion audit, which I will present over Zoom or similar (as well as providing you with a detailed PDF deck).

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Think we could be a good fit?

Feel free to get in touch via the form below.

I'll be in touch to schedule a brief introductory call to discuss your business and whether or not I can help.